Metro Transit Riders Prepare for Snow Showers

Updated: 03/04/2013 9:02 AM By: Todd Wilson

David Spiegel is relaxing while he waits for the 17 bus in Uptown. Most days he rides the bus from home to work.     

"Usually it is not bad. Today I made all my connections in like four minutes. I think the transit system is fairly reliable here, we'll see about tomorrow though," Spiegel said.

For the last week, we've gotten above 30, and haven't had any significant snow. we got four to six inches early Monday morning, snow showers will fall. The snow is expected to continue into Tuesday.

Spiegel says, snow plays havoc with his schedule.

"The last time there was a snow storm it was maybe fifteen minutes late," Spiegel said.

Erskin Morrison agrees.
"You got to make sure you time your connect in a way that it needs to be connected. So like the guy was saying you got to leave a little bit earlier," Morrison said.

From buses and trains Metro Transit averages 250,000 rides a day.
With snow forecast, MNDOT began putting down anti-icing chemicals late last week. Depending on the weather, crews could start early but no later than midnight.

"Plow operators, mechanics, dispatchers are always there. We've got our snow and ice coordinator coming in," Kent Barnard of MNDOT said.

Spiegel says, that's nice to hear. He says, it's rough trying to get back and forth as it is. throw in some snow and things can get messy.