MnDOT Crews Treat Roadways Across the Metro

Updated: 03/04/2013 11:42 AM By: Cassie Hart

MnDOT crews spent their night on the roads.
In fact, they've been pre-treating highways and freeways since late last week.

MnDOT says they are getting some help from mother nature with this storm, and they expect the warmer temperatures to make the cleanup easier.

"This is an advantage for us because the pavement temps are warmer. The air temps are warmer so we're not looking at a lot of wet snow coming down and freezing hard to the pavement," said Kent Barnard of MnDOT.

Roads are slick in the metro. There were several reports of spin-outs this morning, but nothing too serious.

More snow is expected this evening through Tuesday.

Check road conditions here.