Research: Children Battle ADHD into Adulthood

Updated: 03/04/2013 10:49 AM By: Cassie Hart

A new study finds about one-third of kids diagnosed with Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder battle it into adulthood.

Researchers at Boston Children's Hospital evaluated more than 200 adults who were diagnosed with ADHD as children.
68 of them showed signs of adult ADHD, close to 20 percent.
However doctors say it's important to look at the other adults who showed no signs of ADHD.

Mike Manos, PH.D./Cleveland Clinic said, "It would be fascinating and necessary now, to take a look at the cohort that adapted and find out what is it that they did that made their symptoms non-persistent? That made their symptoms non-problematic. That made them successful as adults."

The study also found more than half of the adults who had childhood ADHD now had another psychiatric disorder.