Twin Cities Cab Drivers Celebrate Snow

Updated: 03/05/2013 6:41 AM By: Chris Egert

Plow drivers, tow truck drivers, snow removal companies -- we know they make their living from snow.

But would you guess that taxi cab drivers also stand to make a pretty good profit when the flakes start flying?

There are more than 800 registered cab drivers in the city of Minneapolis -- over 300 in the city of Saint Paul.

Drivers like Chey Eisenman need to be busy to make money -- it is as simple as that.

So on nights like tonight, Chey and many other drivers look to the skies with great hope.

Eisenman said, “It can be a multiple day boost in business if we get 8 inches or more."

Snow may equal frustration for many of you -- but for people in this profession, it equals money.

"If you need a cab to the airport you are less likely to ask a family member to drive you. Maybe they missed their bus connection, maybe their car gets stuck, or they can't get their car out of the driveway...maybe they hate driving in the snow...for whatever reason, cab business gets very very busy in the snow,” Eisenman remarked.

However, not all drivers share Eisenman’s enthusiasm for Minnesota's trademark winter.

Driver John Shannon is already thinking of warmer days ahead.

Shannon quipped, “Give me sunny skies and dry roads, and I'm much happier out here driving."

Soon enough, Mr. Shannon.

But until then, think of this early march snowstorm as economic stimulus.

In an economy that's still having problems getting traction -- most taxi drivers are glad to get extra fares, from these flakes.

Just don’t ask Eisenman how much.

"A lady never tells how much she makes, “ she laughed.