Mpls. Middle Schoolers Campaign to Stop the 'R-Word'

Updated: 03/06/2013 6:08 PM By: Kate Renner

Minneapolis students at Susan B. Anthony Middle School are taking a stand against bullying.

They say the "R-word" is offensive and shouldn't be used in conversation, especially as an insult.

"They use it in the context of they're stupid, they make it an insult, but it's really really hurtful," said Peyton Smith, a leader of the campaign.

Smith and her best friend Gabby Sullivan are kicking off this year's campaign. Gabby and Peyton asked students to sign a pledge to spread the word, to stop the word.

Gabby Sullivan's younger brother has Down Syndrome, and she says she takes it personal when people call him names.

"A student came up to me and said, 'Gabby, your brother's the R-word,' and it really hurt, but I know that's just one person. And I know I have probably 850 students around me saying we're going to stop saying this word because it's means something," said Sullivan.

Today students wore blue to show that they weren't going to say the "R-word," and they wore blue friendship bracelets, made by the student council.