Push to Use Legacy Dollars to Make Movies in MN

Updated: 03/06/2013 9:42 PM KSTP.com By: Jessica Miles

There is a new push to make more movies in Minnesota, and it involves Legacy dollars.

The Legacy Amendment was passed by voters in 2008. The goal is to protect our waters, the outdoors, support parks and trails, and preserve arts and cultural heritage. The amendment increases the state sales tax through the year 2034.

Now State Representatives Phyllis Kahn, DFL-Minneapolis and Dean Urdahl, R-Acton Township want to invest some of that money in movies.

The lawmakers brought two big time Hollywood producers to the capitol Wednesday to drive home the message. Robert Schwartz, a former Minnesotan, who produced Iron Will, Wooly Boys and Blizzard and Ralph Winter of Plant of the Apes and X-Men fame voiced their praise with the program.

"Independent producers are looking for these types of partnerships so this is pretty unique," said Winter.

They say it's a "win win." If a film is a flop, it is still not a bust because it created jobs while filming.

If it's a hit, Minnesota aims to rake in millions in profits.

"The movie Fargo was made for 7 million, had we put in 3 million, the state would have received 24 million on its investment," said Rep. Dean Urdahl.