Thousands of Sharks Shut Down South Florida Beaches

Updated: 03/07/2013 12:29 PM By: Cassie Hart

Tens of thousands of sharks are shutting down Florida beaches. 

Good Morning America reports, it’s an absolutely stunning display. However, it's keeping people out of the water as we approach the peak of spring break.

“We saw something moving in the water and everybody was like, ah! Sharks,” said one witness.

Shark sightings are not uncommon for southern Florida beaches.

They are expected every year when the annual shark migration comes through the area.

But the migration from Florida to North Carolina usually starts and ends well before Florida’s prime beach season.

That is not the case this year.

Researchers at Florida Atlantic University, who track the animals, said they have now counted some 15,000 sharks. Most are less than 200 yards from shore.

As a precaution, many beaches are on high alert, with double red flags waving. They are keeping vacationing swimmers out of the water, for now.

Blacktip sharks only account for 20 percent of unprovoked attacks in Florida, but people there aren't taking any chances.