Eden Prairie Principal: Higher Police Presence After Social Media Threats

Updated: 03/07/2013 2:13 PM KSTP.com By: Leslie Dyste

Some Eden Prairie High School students and parents are concerned after threats on social media.

Eden Prairie High School principal Conn McCartan sent a letter to parents. In the letter he said the school became aware of tensions between some high school students about messages that were posted on Twitter.

McCartan writes, the issue was investigated during the day and there were no major incidents on Wednesday related to the issue.

"As part of the investigation we also heard a rumor from a student about a threat of a gun being brought to school. We then involved our police liaison officers to investigate and discovered that what a student overheard was not related to the situation or to a gun being brought to school."

By the end of the day Wednesday, McCartan believed the school had 'satisfactorily dealt with the situation.'

The school is now facing a problem Thursday morning after "A high volume of social media statements have raised concerns." According to McCartan, "Nothing of a threatening nature has been substantiated."

There is an increased police presence at the high school Thursday.

Additional details on this incident have not been released.