Stadium Deal in Atlanta Has Minn. Lawmakers Rethinking Viking's Stadium

Updated: 03/08/2013 5:51 AM By: Nick Winkler

The Atlanta Falcons are being required to pay $800 million of a new $1 billion NFL stadium. The Falcons will also kick in an extra $50 million for infrastructure improvements.

Georgia taxpayers will not contribute like Minnesota taxpayers will for a Vikings stadium since the $200 million public contribution for a Falcons stadium will be paid for via the Atlanta hotel/motel tax.

At first glance, the Falcon's contribution dwarfs the $477 million Vikings contribution. It has some saying Minnesota taxpayers got an unfavorable deal.

The Falcons comparison, along with an electronic pull tabs stadium financing shortfall, is prompting at least one lawmaker to consider whether the Vikings stadium deal should be reconfigured in some manner. More specifically, some lawmakers are interested in exploring whether the state can renegotiate the deal terms and pressure the Vikings to increase their contribution.

The Vikings tell us the team is not interested in renegotiating and argue the deal is a good one for Minnesota taxpayers.