COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Scream Factory’s Phantasm II Collector’s Edition

Created: 03/08/2013 9:51 AM By: Aaron Chalich

The Tall Man is back and couldn’t look any better in Shout Factory’s “Phantasm II Collector’s Edition” on Blu-ray.

I have been a huge fan of the “Phantasm” series and yes they have made a few bad movies, but one of my favorite sequels is “Phantasm II.” I think it’s because it was the first movie in the series I saw as a kid and I was fascinated by it.  

I had never seen a horror film like it and I really liked the characters a lot. The main villain is known as the Tall Man and you really don’t know much about him. He is mysterious and very creepy and he scared the heck out me as a kid. 

“Phantasm II” was released in 1988 and stars James Le Gros, Reggie Bannister, Angus Scrimm(The Tall Man). 

“Phantasm II” takes place immediately after the end of “Phantasm.” The Tall Man is about to capture the main character name Michael and he is about to take him to his strange world.

Michael’s brother Reggie saves Michael by blowing up the house and The Tall Man. Michael is then locked away in an insane asylum for six years. 

After the six years Michael convinces the doctors that he is well and is released. He finds his brother Reggie and the two set out to try and find The Tall Man. Once they find him they plan on destroying him and his evil lurkers.

There is also a woman named Liz who has been having nightmares about Michael and The Tall Man.  After Liz’s grandmother dies she learns that The Tall Man is now working at the funeral parlor. 

Reggie and Michael find their way to the new location of the Tall Man and now the three of them must try and stop him.

I really liked the story and thought that it was very entertaining. I also really liked the characters and the fact that they used the same actors to play Reggie and also The Tall Man. Angus Scrimm plays the character of The Tall Man and I don’t think any other actor could play the role.

Once again the quality of “Phantasm II” looks stunning and very clear. The picture is sharp and everything pops out and the images jump off the screen. 

The special features are amazing and I just do not know how Shout Factory does it. Every one of these collector’s editions contain some of the best special features I have ever seen on DVD or Blu-ray.

The special features are all new interviews and deleted scenes that have never been seen before and to me as a horror fan, that is really exciting. The special features include:

Overall I really enjoyed my review copy of Shout Factory’s “Phantasm II Collector’s Edition” on Blu-ray. It is such a great movie in my opinion. I love the story and characters. The quality of the movie looked amazing and the special features will have any horror fan drooling. People who buy “Phantasm II” will not be disappointed and will be very surprised by how awesome this Collector’s Edition is.

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