COLUMN: A Senior Moment with Barry ZeVan: TSA

Updated: 02/18/2014 9:29 AM By: Barry ZeVan

I’m Barry ZeVan, age 75, having another Senior Moment, and here it is:

In case you hadn’t heard, next month, the TSA will allow passengers to bring small pocket knives onto airplanes boarding here in the U.S. The TSA rationale tells us their decision to allow very small pocket knives that have blades just slightly over two inches in length poses no threat to airline passenger security nor hijacking.

Even though these knives would likely be something akin to what one would purchase at the cheesiest souvenir vendor, even a blade one inch in length could cut deeply enough to fatally injure anyone on the receiving end of that blade.

Are the people who made the final decision insane or stupid, or both? Perhaps they should take a daily look at the video of both planes crashing into the world trade center towers on 9/11.

The blades on the box cutters that slit the throats of so many passengers on those planes were about the same length as those of the small pocket knives the TSA will now allow to pass through security, although a bit wider. Sorry to be gruesome here, but common sense is common sense and common murderers could be deranged enough to try to learn how short and how thin a knife blade could be to begin to perpetrate the same kind of horror the world experienced on 9/11.

Deranged monsters who idolize the memory of Mohammed Atta and the 18 other murderers who temporarily brought this nation and a lot of the world to it’s knees because they used objects with blades to murder innocent passengers, are probably rejoicing and salivating at the chance to try to do it all over again.

Let’s hope there’s enough outcry to have the TSA reverse its pathetic decision. Thanks for reading, thinking and sharing in this senior moment. Was I supposed to say all that? Senior Moment! Oh, just kidding, just kidding. 

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