First Peek of Green at Target Field

Updated: 03/08/2013 6:19 PM By: Kate Renner

Twins fans- the wait is almost over.
Opening day is just over three weeks away. And Friday morning was sure sign that Target Field will be ready.

Nothing says spring like green grass. The infield at Target Field was uncovered Friday morning, so crews could take a look at how the grass fared this winter.

It's looking pretty green, with only a couple brown spots. But the crews aren't taking any chances with another cold weekend ahead, they might be covering it back up in anticipation for the sleet forecasted.

Earlier today crews had to shovel and snow blow the snow off the field and haul it out of the stadium.

The heat is cranked up under the field, so the ground below the field is at 55 degrees today.
New this season, the right field underwent a makeover this winter after fans complained about bad views from the bleacher sections 139, 140, and 141.

Target Field took the bleachers out and built a standing room patio with drink rails, high back seats and tables.

The new section will seat 200 people and will be available for groups to rent out.