Hopkins Drivers Can Save Money On Insurance By Taking Class

Created: 03/09/2013 3:58 PM KSTP.com By: Chris Egert


The City says people age 55 years old + can qualify for a 10%, 3-year discount on auto insurance. There is no testing, but advance registration is required.

You'll have to take an 8 hour Course - May 15 & 16, 6-10 pm.

For Hopkins Activity Center members the cost is $27; others it will cost $30.

There will also be a 4 hour refresher course - March 20 or April 17, 6- 10 pm.

Hopkins Activity Center Members will pay $18 for that; others will have to pay $21.

The Hopkins Activity Center is located at 33-14th Avenue N in Hopkins. Call 952-939-1333 or email activitycenter@hopkinsmn.com with questions or to register.

Information for this web story was provided by Hopkins-connections, a weekly newsletter sent out by the City.