Lawmakers Debate Anti-Bullying Bill in Minn.

Updated: 03/11/2013 6:03 AM By: Jay Kolls

An anti-bullying bill is gaining momentum at the Minnesota State Capitol. But there are some lawmakers who think it is overreaching in its scope.

Lawmakers all agree that bullying needs to be addressed, and measures need to be in place to help stop it.

But the current bill, some say, could infringe on freedom of speech and religious doctrine in private schools.

If a private school receives any form of government assistance, it would have to abide by the bill if it becomes law.

State Rep. Peggy Scott, (R) Andover, said she doesn't condone bullying of any kind, but the proposed bill is intrusive and goes too far.

Scott also said the bill creates another unnecessary layer of government. Anti-bullying policies should be handled by local school districts, she said, and the state doesn't need to create a law to address the issue.

So far, the bill has passed through two committees and is likely to be approved this session. If it passes, Gov. Mark Dayton has indicated he would sign it into law.