Catholics Throughout the Metro Celebrate New Pope

Updated: 03/14/2013 3:47 PM By: Katherine Johnson

The Basilica of St. Mary's Director of Liturgy Johan van Paris spent the afternoon anxiously glued to his iPad as he waited to hear who the Cardinals would select as the next leader of the Catholic Church.

"Oh it will be Francis!" he exclaimed with joy.

As quickly as the announcement came, the papal colors went up outside the Basilica to spread the word that a new pope has been chosen. Van Paris explained just how important the selection of a name for a pope is, adding choosing the name "Francis" for St. Francis represents humility, compassion and understanding.

"Francis also was very much a peace maker," he said.  "He met with Muslim leaders to connect with them and make sure that people could live in peace across religious borders."

After coming to Mass for weeks without a pope in place, Catholics at the Cathedral of St. Paul are relieved to have a new global religious leader to unite them once again.