Local Reaction to the Election of Pope Francis

Updated: 03/13/2013 11:34 PM KSTP.com By: Todd Wilson

The Cathedral of St. Paul is filled with cheerful worshippers. Rocio Montalvo says she was compelled to come to mass.
"Seeing everything today and just the joy, I just wanted to be with other fellow parts of the body of Christ and celebrate," Montalvo said.

All these folks didn't get a chance to be in Rome to cheer for Pope Francis  but they are happy to celebrate a new beginning.
"We can't be in Rome but what's the next best place to be, is in the cathedral just sharing the universal church showing that we are all united," Rebekah Pierre said.

Most folks here didn't think a decision would come so quickly. But as parishioners walked out of the cathedral after mass, there was nothing but excitement about the new pope.

"Thank you Pope Francis. I'm excited that you are here, I'm excited that you are the new pope and we are all praying for you," Dominic Pierre said.

Montalvo says this not just a day for catholics but for all people of faith.

"Focusing on the Lord and expressing you faith, how much it can animate you and I hope that that animates others of different faiths and lets them feel the presence of one greater," Montalvo said.