REVIEW: Bob Seger & Kid Rock Share the Stage in St. Paul

Updated: 02/18/2014 9:59 AM By: Sarina Long

History was made last night in St. Paul.

Bob Seger and his Silver Bullet Band crossed paths with Kid Rock for the first ever of two co-headlining shows.

The first show was Friday at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, and a second show is planned for Saturday at the Fargodome in Fargo, ND ...

Seger is on his Rock and Roll Never Forgets tour while Kid Rock continues to promote his latest album "Rebel Soul." Both musicians will then part ways and continue to rock the U.S. until early April.

Who knows, this could be the start of something pretty incredible between these two Detroit rock icons.

Bob & Bob (Kid Rock's real name is Robert James Ritchie) have been friends since 2000, after Kid Rock performed a duet of Vince Gill's "Real Men Bottle" for Seger's "Face the Promise" release in 2008. You may also remember Seger playing piano on "Collide," when Kid Rock dabbled in country with Sheryl Crow.

"We couldn't wait to get to Minnesota to play some rock and roll," Kid Rock told fans.

Kid Rock and his Twisted Brown Trucker band took the stage first in front of a sold out crowd. 17,507 fans of all ages filled the X last night. Nice work, Minnesota. The set lasted about 75 minutes with a mix of hits like "Cowboy," "Picture," and "Bawitdaba." He also featured a few songs from "Rebel Soul" including, "Chickens in the Pen" and "Let's Ride."

For those of you who left early, you missed one heck of an encore.

"Well people, I can now tell you what heaven feels like. It's like being on stage with Bob Seger," Kid Rock told fans. "I was a pretty confident and wild little kid. If you told me one day I'd be sharing the MIC with one of my heroes, Bob Seger ... If you told me we would sing this next song together, I would have slapped the taste out of your mouth."

Kid Rock and Seger went on to sing "Forever" but what's even better, Seger started rapping.

As Seger yelled "Punk Rock" the crowd erupted.

"That's MC Bob Seger on the microphone, y'all!" Rock says.

Seger replies, "This guy is historic. We've wanted to play together for so long. This was my idea!"

The duo seemed like they were having a blast up there during their four song set at the close of the show.

Other hits throughout Seger's 75-minute set included:

The Fire Down Below (Night Moves album)

Trying to Live My Life Without You

Main street, acoustic

Old Time Rock and Roll

Seger sat down at the piano and says, "If you're 26, you weren't born that last time we did this." He only played a few keys of "Like a Rock" before the crowd went wild.

Crowd pleasers:

Turn the Page

We've Got Tonight

Against The Wind

Hollywood Nights

Her Strut

Encore with Kid Rock:

Night Moves

All Summer Long and Sweet Home Alabama mashup

Forever, Seger raps "Punk Rock"

Final song, Seger yells out to the crowd, "Always remember Minnesota, Rock and Roll Never Forgets!"

From the fans:

David and Terry from Brainerd -- "Bob Seger is my favorite singer of all time. We listen to him all summer long on the boat. He's classic!"

"I'm a Rod Stewart, Elton John junkie so Seger compares to anyone in that era." -- Terry

"Favorite song, Turn the Page." --David

"I was surprised that Kid Rock would co-headline with Bog Seger but it's gonna be a great show." -- David

Seventeen-year-old Justin seemed to be pretty excited from the moment he took his seat. He is originally from California but now lives in Brainerd with his dad.

"I'm excited to see Kid Rock. I expect lots of explosions, really loud rock music and  just a good time."

"I'm a huge Kid Rock fan because every album is different. First he was a hip hop artist, now he's more gospel. I think it's cool that he does different genres."

"Favorite Kid Rock song is Sweet Home Alabama."

I also had a chance to talk to Paradime (Freddie Beauregard), Kid Rock's DJ spinning turntables and back up vocals. He first appeared on the Detroit hip-hop scene in 1991 with a solo album.

"I'm a rapper and in 1996 I was in the studio to record and Kid Rock was still coming up and he heard my stuff, signed me to his label and then he blew up. When Uncle Kracker went solo, he called me up and said 'Hey, you gotta take this job.' I've been with him almost 12 years."

"Being up on stage with him is awesome. It's the greatest thing in the world. I could be having the worst day ever and that two hours up there takes your whole day and turns it around."

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