Number of Dead Pigs in Waters Near Shanghai Tops 12,500

Created: 03/16/2013 12:01 PM By: Maricella Miranda

The number of dead pigs retrieved from waters in and near China's financial hub of Shanghai has grown to more than 12,500.
The swollen and rotting pigs are largely believed to be from the upstream city of Jiaxing, where there are a lot of small hog farms. But a deputy mayor says it's not clear that all the pigs are from her city.
The head veterinarian for China's Agriculture Ministry tells state media that there has been no major swine epidemic, though some samples have tested positive for a couple of viruses.

He also says cold weather and fluctuating temperatures have caused a spike in deaths among baby pigs.
Villagers have told state media that pig dumping is on the rise following police campaigns against the illicit trade of pork products harvested from diseased pigs.

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