More Reported Injuries from Icy Walkways in Minn.

Updated: 03/18/2013 4:15 PM By: Maricella Miranda

Minnesotans keep falling and slipping on icy sidewalks and roadways.

Since midnight Monday, dozens of people have gone to emergency rooms across the state with broken bones, sprains and other injuries because of the latest wintry conditions, officials say. 

At United Hospital in St. Paul, 16 people have been to the ER for broken bones and sprains from falling down, said spokesman Tim Burke. About seven additional patients reported injuries from slipping or falling.

At Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, six people have been treated in the ER because of weather-related injuries, said spokeswoman Gloria O'Connell. Of the group, one patient was injured in a spinout, and five fell on the ice.

On a frozen night in late January, Regions Hospital in St. Paul reported seeing a spike in injuries due to the icy conditions. That day, the hospital treated at least 19 such cases.

Falls on ice can typically cause injuries to wrists, arms and shoulders.

HealthParters offers the following tips to keep you safe on slippery sidewalks: