Dept. of Education Investigates New Hope Special Needs School

Updated: 03/19/2013 6:55 AM By: Nick Winkler

The North Education Center in New Hope is specially designed for special needs students. However, the state Department of Education is now investigating whether the well respected school may have neglected 11-year old Marlo Andrews.

Marlo's mother, Yvette Huff, says Marlo has been diagnosed with ADHD and autism. She says he's constantly trying to put things in his mouth. It's why she leaves nothing out for him to grab at her home.

But Huff says she found Styrofoam when changing Marlo's diaper in early February. She says Marlo ate the Styrofoam from a torn bean bag at the school. Afterward, Huff says she found a piece of rubber when changing Marlo.

When she took Marlo to a hospital, she says x-rays revealed a piece of hardware present in Marlo's stomach.

The school says privacy laws prevent it from discussing Marlo's case with us. But Huff provided 5 Eyewitness News documentation indicating the state is now investigating.