No New Evidence in Maplewood Lake for Kira Trevino Case

Updated: 03/19/2013 6:41 PM By: Maricella Miranda

St. Paul police say that divers found no new evidence in the Kira Trevino case Tuesday at Keller Lake in Maplewood.

Trevino, 30, of St. Paul, has been missing since last month. Her husband, Jeffery Trevino, 39, is charged in his wife's death. He's in the Ramsey County Jail on two second-degree murder charges.

Police said even though her husband is in jail, the Kira Trevino case is still active.

St. Paul police held two news conferences Tuesday regarding new leads in the case. Click here to watch the news conferences.

In the latest lead, a group of dogs searching with volunteers last weekend led St. Paul police on Tuesday to Keller Regional Park, said Sgt. Paul Paulos. Last weekend, the dogs signaled their attention to the area during the community search.

Volunteers then notified police.

On Saturday, an item was found at Keller Regional Park, Paulos said. Police did not elaborate on what that item was, or who it belonged to. The item also may not be related to the case.

On Sunday, another community group of volunteers and dogs searched the park. The scent of something led the dogs to Keller Lake, Paulos said.

"You get excited, you want to find her. You want a conclusion here," Paulos said.

After Trevino went missing, someone called a Kira Trevino tip line, reporting that two people had carried an item across Keller Lake. The tip was one of about 100 that police have received, according to police.

Keller Lake is part of a continuous chain of lakes, Paulos said.

On Tuesday, divers from the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office Dive Team began searching the lake at 9 a.m. Divers are expected to stop searching for the day Tuesday afternoon.

Trained search and rescue dogs also accompanied police during the search, Paulos said. Those dogs also paid special attention to the same area of ice.

"Dogs have a tremendous sense of smell," he said.

The dogs that are searching Tuesday are trained in underwater cadaver searches. It's unclear what police believe might be under the water. Police will not speculate on that, Paulos said.

For Tuesday's search, authorities cut a hole in the ice and used a sonar and camera to search underwater. Eleven divers were searching the lake at a radius of about 40 feet - looking at everything, said county sheriff's office spokesman Randy Gustafson.

The divers rotated in the water, taking breaks every 20 minutes, he said. The area of water being searched was about 4- to 6 feet deep, with 5 feet of clarity and about 2 feet of ice, Gustafson said. About 8- to 12- inches of snow and slush also are covering the lake.

Trevino, of St. Paul, has been missing since Feb. 24. Although her body has not been found, she's presumed dead.

Authorities believe that based on the amount of blood police found in her home and car, and the fact that it's uncharacteristic for Trevino to go missing without contacting anyone.

Several community groups have spent the last two weekends searching metro parks for evidence in the case. Police say they are assisting those groups. Tuesday's search comes after volunteers searched Keller Regional Park Sunday

Paulos said police are continuing to follow through on all leads, looking at every piece of evidence and following it thoroughly.

Police have set up a tip line for the case. The phone number for the tip line is 651-560-3277.

WARNING: The criminal complaint contains graphic and disturbing details. Click here to read the criminal complaint.