Pink Breaks Down 'The Truth About Love' in St. Paul: Concert Review

Updated: 02/18/2014 9:59 AM By: Sarina Long

Pink is fearless.

Hardcore fans know seeing her use acrobatics isn't new. Remember her breathtaking performance of "Glitter in the Air" at the Grammy's back in 2010? Since then she has perfected her aerial stunts which helped entertain a sold out crowd at the Xcel Energy Center.


It began with an intro from an emcee setting the stage with Pink as a contestant on "The Truth About Love" game show. This bizarre act reminded me of focal, recurring narrator characters common to Cirque du Soleil shows.


Pink exploded onto the stage, catapulting through the air, dangling above the stage from bungee chords. She dove head-first a few times, flipped, and twirled with three very muscular acrobats / backup dancers nearby. This went on as she sang her popular party anthem “Raise Your Glass."


Fans gifted the edgy pop icon with all kinds of interesting things, including a bottle of Jameson whiskey.


"Thank you so much for coming to play with us tonight," Pink told the crowd.


Action was non-stop during the opening songs. At one point Pink admitted, "I'm stalling 'cuz I'm trying to catch my breath."


The physically demanding performance from start to finish is bound to make people wonder if Pink was singing live.  Think what you want, but at least she acknowledged her MIC falling off her head in the middle of a routine as she was twirling 20 feet in the air.

This concert had a mix of aggressive sexual moments and tender vocal moments. During her costume changes, some longer than others, Pink's backup dancers performed seductive routines wearing skimpy lace leggings and just a bra. Pink showed off a softer, sweeter side as a video of her life played showing her as a young gymnast. Later, family photos flashed on the video screen behind as she sang "Family Portrait," and shared her story of growing up in a broken home, accompanied only by pianist Jason Chapman.

There was also a very sweet video at the end where Pink is shown holding her daughter Willow and smiling from ear to ear. It is clear this little girl is the love of her life.

This show was filled with strong beats and a strong message.

"This next song is one of my personal favorites off my new album, probably because it pisses off my husband (Carey Hart)." An interesting retro cartoon played in the background while Pink belted out lyrics to "How Come You're Not Here."

Pink's encore was unique to anything I've ever seen.

Dressed in a gold body suit and strapped into a harness, she flew over the crowd like the skycam rig you might see hovering over an NFL football game, taking brief stops on perches set up on each side of the arena (see attached video). The stunt was so mind-blowing, most of the crowd attempted to capture it on their camera phones while others simply watched in amazement. That would have been an adequate finale, but Pink opted to end the set with "Glitter in the Air." As she did in her famed Grammy performance, Pink again took to the air, but this time with a with a calm, beautiful performance that had her spinning gracefully as she sang.

City and Colour opened for Pink. At one point in the show Pink confided to the crowd, "Give it up for City and Colour, they were playing the night Willow was made. Ha! I'm full of information tonight."

From the fans:

"I've loved her style and her message since Misunderstood. She's edgy, rough and tough. I'm a group fitness instructor and my favorite song to bring the energy and start all  my classes is 'Get the Party Started." -- Ray Ray from Prior Lake

"This is my first Pink show. I love her music. I love her tattoos." Carly from St. Michael

I saw a family of 5 taking photos at the end of the night. I stopped them and asked what they thought of the show. Turns out they drove seven hours from Merrillville, Indiana for their first concert ever:

"It was awesome." 7-year-old Rayna

"My favorite song is 'Sober'." 13-year-old Nicolette

"We were sitting in Section 113 and my favorite part of the night was when Pink soared across the arena. She came up close, made eye contact with me and then waved to the people around us." 10-year-old Alexis

"My favorite song is 'Family Portrait' because it's deep." 18-year-old Jocelyn

"My girls are big Pink fans. Jocelyn is in boot camp and leaves for the National Guard soon so she would miss upcoming shows. We all decided to drive out to St. Paul." Cheri from Merrillville, IN.


1. “Raise Your Glass”

2. “Walk of Shame”

3. “Just Like a Pill”

4. “U + Ur Hand”

5. “Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)”

6. “Try”

7. “Wicked Game” (Chris Isaak cover)

8. “Just Give Me a Reason”

9. “Are We All We Are”

10. “How Come You’re Not Here”

11. “Sober”

12. “Family Portrait”

13. “Who Knew”

14. “(F**kin’) Perfect”

15. “Most Girls”/”There You Go”/”You Make Me Sick/”(Medley)

16. “Slut Like You”

17. “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”


18. “So What”

19. “Glitter in the Air”

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