COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: 4 Action-Packed Movie Marathon Review

Updated: 03/21/2013 7:06 AM By: Hannah Anderson

For the past few days, I have had two action movie mini marathons, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I just finished watching a review copy of Shout Factory’s “4 Action-Packed Movie Marathon 2-DVD set.”

Each DVD contains two non-stop action movies that are extremely entertaining to watch in my opinion.

On one DVD you have “Alienator” and “Cyclone.” The other DVD has “Eye of the Tiger” and Exterminator 2.” The only movie out of the four that I have seen before was “Eye of the Tiger” so I was very excited to watch the other three movies in the set.

“Cyclone” was released in 1987 and stars Jeffery Combs (Re-Animator), Heather Thomas, and Martin Landau. Jeffery Combs plays an inventor who is working on a top secret motorcycle. He is eventually murdered by people who want the bike for themselves. His girlfriend knows about the bike and it is now up to her to try and keep the bike from getting into the wrong hands.

“Alienator” was released in 1990 and stars Jan-Michael Vincent (The Mechanic), P.J. Soles (Halloween), and John Phillip Law (Barbarella). After a prisoner named Kol escapes a prison in outer space and lands on Earth, an alien warden sends “The Alienator” to try and capture him. The Alienator is a female android assassin that will do anything to try and capture him. Can Kol escape “The Alienator?” You will just have to watch to find out.

“Eye of the Tiger” was released in 1986 and stars Gary Busy and William Smith (Conan the Barbarian). Gary Busy plays an ex-con named Buck Mathew who returns home after serving a sentence in prison. When he arrives back in his home town he soon discovers that it’s overrun by a motorcycle gang. After Buck’s wife is killed by the gang, he seeks vengeance and won’t stop until the leader of the gang is dead.

“Exterminator 2” was released in 1984 and stars Robert Ginty and Mario Van Pebbles.  Robert Ginty plays the role of a New York City vigilante who wears a welding mask and carries a flamethrower. A new drug lord has moved into the city and it’s up to the Exterminator to try and get rid of him and his thugs. There is also a bonus feature on the “Exterminator 2.” You get an audio commentary with director Mark Buntzmann and actor Mario Van Peebles which is very entertaining and interesting to listen to while watching the movie.

I know that people who enjoy action movies will enjoy Shout Factory’s “4 Action-Packed Movie Marathon” a lot. I thought that the films looked and sounded great. The movies were packed full of explosions and fights and tons of action and I would highly recommend that you pick them up.

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