400 Parents, Special Needs Kids Needed to Record 'Angel Child'

Updated: 03/22/2013 6:38 AM KSTP.com By: Jessica Miles

Experts believe one in five people in the United States is caring for a special needs child.

So, who's caring for the caregivers?

It's a question a Carver man, and father of a special needs son, has asked himself many times.

Out of that questioning, Michael Boylan developed the first-ever social network for caregivers to honor, serve, recognize and provide ongoing support for them. The website ReachForMeNetwork.com will launch this summer.

Boylan plans to launch it with an emotional song that he wrote.

The song will be recorded by the 160+ member St. Olaf choir and orchestra on April 6 at St. Olaf. Boylan wants 400 parents and their special needs children to join them in the recording of the music video to help launch the network.

To find out more about the recording and the website that will launch this summer, click here.