COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Capcom Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U Review

Updated: 03/21/2013 8:28 AM By: Hannah Anderson

I really enjoy playing role playing games (RPG’s) because they are very complex and you can play them for months and do something different each time you play.

I really like how you can make your character stronger by giving them stronger weapons and armor and there are usually many options to choose from. 

In RPG’s you usually have many side quests that you can go on to gain experience and to find more powerful weapons and items and I find that very entertaining.

It has been a while since I played a RPG, because I just don’t have the time with my busy schedule and with my family to get completely involved with that type of game. I do miss playing them, but when I received a review copy of Capcom’s “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate” for the Wii U, I was very excited, because it looked like an amazing and fun game.

I had seen many trailers for the game and it looked really fun and it also looked like it would take a long time to complete it. I was right; there are so many things to do that it will keep a player busy for months or maybe even a year.

This is the first “Monster Hunter” game I have played and it’s the tenth in the series.

“Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate” has also been released for the Nintendo 3DS and you can transfer information from your 3DS game to the Nintendo Wii U game.  Plus players who have the 3DS version can play with someone who is playing the Wii U version. I think that this is really awesome and would be a lot of fun to try. Up to three people can link their 3DS systems to the Wii U.

In “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate” you play as a hunter who has just came to a fishing village named Moga Village. There have been many earthquakes occurring recently and it is believed that a monster named Lagiacrus is causing them. The chief of the village asks you if you will investigate what is causing the earthquakes and if it is Lagiacrus get rid of him.  You agree to go on the quest and you must build your skills and forge new weapons that are strong enough to take down Lagiacrus.

I really liked the story, because it was simple and not that complex. “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate” is rated “T” so the game is geared for a younger audience so the story did not have to be that elaborate. I found that the story was entertaining and I thought the characters in the game were very interesting and unique.

The graphics are phenomenal. When you first start the game you are treated to an awesome video sequence show some of the scenery of the island and areas you will be encountering along with some of the many monsters you will be hunting.

The game is in 1080p and the graphics are so sharp and clear it’s amazing. There is so much detail added to everything in the game. The graphic designers spent a lot of time on “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate” creating the unique monsters and making sure the backgrounds are as detailed as they can be.

There are so many different and unique monsters that appear in “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate” and they all have their own special attacks and ways that they move. Each monster is very detailed and each one has their own personality. 

There are some that will attack you when they see you and there are some that will just leave you alone because they are herbivores and don’t care that you are around. Some monsters will travel in groups and some will be just by themselves.

There are also very large monsters that you can hunt and they are so amazing, because they are huge and look stunning. Each monster also has their own weakness and attacks and you must figure out what is the best weapon to use against them and how to avoid their attacks.

The controls are very easy to learn and anyone can pick up the game and start playing. Like all games that I have recently played, there is an in game tutorial that will explain how to control your hunter. 

I really liked this a lot and thought that it was helpful. There are so many different things to do and items that you can find and each time you come across something new it will be explained in detail. You can also pull up a menu that will also explain everything while you are playing in case you forgot how to do something.

You will be hunting on land and also in the water which I thought was amazing. You can swim underwater and hunt fish and other large aquatic monsters. You have an oxygen meter and it will go down when you are underwater. To get more oxygen you can swim up to the surface, use a breathing device or there are things underwater that produce air bubbles and you can swim on top of them to get more air.

One thing that I thought was unique was that when you have your weapon sheathed you have different actions and moves you can do than when you have your weapon out. One thing that took me a little while to figure out when I was hunting was how to gather items from the slain monsters. I didn’t know that after you kill a monster you have to sheath your weapon and then you can get items from the downed monster.

One very helpful thing is the Wii U gamepad. The map of the area is displayed there and it shows where you are located, it shows what person you need to talk to in a certain area, it shows your items and it also shows your quests and if there are any quests available. 

I really liked this also because you didn’t have to pause the game to bring up the map or to see what quest you needed to do. It was all right there. I know a lot of players will really find this as useful as I did.

There are also many different weapons, armor and items that you can find and forge in “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.” You can also hunt for items like ore, honey, bugs and many other things. You use this things to upgrade your weapons, armor and items.

When you go to a blacksmith you can see what items you need to upgrade or forge your weapon and armor. If you know where to find that special item you can go there and gather as many as you need and bring it back to the blacksmith.

There are also shops where you can buy weapons, armor and items. You can also purchase books that tell you about some of the different monsters and combo books that will let you do more attacks when you are fighting monsters.

You can farm which I thought was different. If you find an item like a mushroom you can take it to the farm and plant it. Then a short period of time more mushrooms will grow and you can harvest them.

Once you get farther in the game you can start doing quests. There is a woman in the village that you need to talk to and she will let you know what quests are available. Once you start the quest you cannot save your game and you must play the quest until you complete it. 

There are over 339 quests that are available and are all very challenging. Each quest is also timed and a little timer will appear on the top of the gamepad. If you do not complete the quest in the time limit the game is over and you have to start over again. If you complete the quest you will get money and you can use that to buy items, weapons and armor.

Another thing that you will encounter is two little helpers named Cha-Cha and Kayamba that will assist you in the game. They will help you when you are fighting more complex and dangerous monsters.

You can play “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate” on line with up to three other players or play locally with friends who have the 3DS. I really like the fact that you can play find other players to play with you and you all can fight the same monsters. This is really helpful when you come across a large monster, because you can have three other people helping you and believe me, you need it.

Some of the new features in “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate” are:

I really liked Capcom’s “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate” a lot for the Nintendo Wii U. The game is very fun to play and the graphics are amazing. 

The controls are easy to learn and there are tons of unique monsters to hunt. This game will keep a player busy for hours and that’s what I like the most about “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.” You will not play the game for 10-12 hours and be done with everything like most games. 

After about 10-12 hours of game play you are just getting started in “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.” I know that players are going to love this game as much as I did.

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