Investigation Continues into Source of New Prague Threat

Updated: 03/22/2013 10:39 AM By: Cassie Hart

New Prague Middle School students finished class as usual after being evacuated because of a bomb threat Thursday morning.

Students were sent to the ice arena for about one hour after a bomb threat was emailed to the middle school at 8 a.m. The message claimed a bomb would detonate within a half-an-hour at the middle school.

Police searched the school and no bomb was found.

Superintendent Larry Kauslarich said he believes this was a "copycat" and that the threat came from outside the district.

Scott County investigators say the threat may have come from an automatic email generator, possibly from overseas. It was initially sent to 23 staff members, and five emails came later in the morning. It was titled "!!!!READ NOW OR DIE URGENT!!!!"

The U.S. Marshals Service is also investigating the threat.

The new threat comes after a 12-year-old boy was accused of a prank 911 call made about an active shooter on campus Wednesday morning. Classes were canceled district-wide for the rest of Wednesday.

The boy suspected in Wednesday's hoax had a juvenile detention hearing Thursday and was charged with felony terroristic threats, according to his attorney.