Pres. Obama Shrugs off Heckler During Speech in Israel

Created: 03/21/2013 11:00 AM By: Cassie Hart

President Obama was heckled by a member of the audience during a speech at the Jerusalem International Convention Center Thursday.

A man began yelling out in Hebrew during Obama's impassioned appeal for Israel to recognize that compromise will be necessary to secure peace and lasting security for the Jewish state.

The president shook off the heckles and continued with his speech.

"No, no," Obama said as some in the crowd began to boo the heckler. "This is part of the lively debate that we talked about. This is good."

The crowd cheered.

"You know I have to say we actually arranged for that because it made me feel at home," Obama went on. "I wouldn't feel comfortable if I didn't have at least one heckler."