St. Paul Police Collect Items from Kira Trevino Search

Updated: 03/29/2013 10:17 AM By: Katherine Johnson

Police on Sunday removed several more items from a Maplewood park, possibly related to the disappearance of Kira Trevino.

St. Paul police would not comment on further on the items they removed.

Searchers, in three groups, continued looking for Trevino, 30, a St. Paul woman who has been missing for a month. One of the searches continued at Maplewood's Keller Lake - where an earlier search turned up a plastic bag with a bloody pillow.

Crews also searched the park Saturday, but came up with no new evidence.

On Friday, investigators said the plastic bag found was filled with a bloody pillow, among other items. The blood was a match for Trevino's DNA profile.

"The day we're able to bring her home and find her, obviously it's not going to be a celebration. Talk about a sigh of relief for that family," said Howie Padilla, St. Paul police spokesman, Saturday.

Members of the search party were greeted Saturday with a letter from Trevino's youngest sister, Felicia. It reads, "I know her spirit will help guide you and give you the strength to keep going."

Dozens of people, mostly strangers, are signing up to search around the lake, hoping the weekend's warmer weather will melt the snow before the case goes cold.

"As long as people keep going, I think we'll find something," said volunteer Josh Rodriguez.

And that help and effort doesn't go unnoticed. Trevino's sister ends the letter with gratitude, reading, "Our whole family would like to say thank you."

Trevino has been missing since Feb. 24, and her husband, 39-year-old Jeffery Trevino, is charged in his wife’s death. Although Kira Trevino’s body has not been found, she’s presumed dead.

Authorities believe that based on the amount of blood police found in her home and car and the fact that it's uncharacteristic for her to go missing without contacting anyone.

On Friday, the Ramsey County Attorney's Office released an updated criminal complaint against Trevino's husband.

According to the complaint, Bloomington Police recovered video from Mall of America showing Kira Trevino's Chevy Cobalt in the parking lot and a man throwing what looks like the trunk liner out of the car.

The man then got in an airport taxi and traveled to the 600 block of East Iowa in St. Paul, which is less than a mile from his home, according to the complaint.

A witness told police she was driving on Highway 61 next to Keller Lake in Maplewood early on Friday, Feb. 22, and saw two men on the frozen lake struggling to carry something that was about the size of a person.

Police have set up a tip line for the case; the phone number for the tip line is 651-560-3277.

The Ramsey County Attorney's Office has released an updated criminal complaint for Jeffery Trevino. To read the complaint, click here. WARNING: May contain graphic material.