Slain Cold Spring Officer's Family Argues over Donated Money

Created: 03/29/2013 4:05 PM By: Jennie Olson

Donations made to the family of slain officer Tom Decker are the center of a court battle.

Decker was killed in the line of duty last November in Cold Spring.

Court documents reveal Decker’s wife, ex-wife, and his brothers are fighting over who should be in charge of the funds collected for his four children.

Decker’s widow and relatively new wife, Alicia, wants to be a trustee. His ex-wife Rebecca, who is the mother of all four of Decker’s children, has filed an opposition, arguing she should play a role in managing the money.

Now, Decker’s two brothers filed an affidavit so they can become trustees. They say Alicia and Rebecca don’t have a good relationship and it’s gotten worse since Decker’s death.

In the affidavit, Eddie and Larry Decker say that while they believe Alicia’s intentions are good, they believe having her serve in the capacity as trustee for the children under these circumstances would in all likelihood result in further disputes with the children’s mother, Rebecca, even after the current dispute about the allocation of these funds is resolved.