School Bus Aide Bullies Child in South Fla.

Updated: 03/31/2013 8:41 AM By: Maricella Miranda

Surveillance video shows Daneta McPherson, a school bus aide in Port St. Lucie, Fla., reportedly berating a 5-year-old boy who has disabilities.

McPherson is accused of yelling at the boy on several occasions, even threatening to take him home with her and often bringing him to tears.

A school employee reported the alleged abuse to police.

After nearly a four-month investigation she was arrested Thursday and charged with stalking, according to There was at least one incident in which McPherson grabbed the boy, causing him to hit his head on the side of the bus, according to the report.

ABCNews reached out to McPherson for comment, but the message was not returned. The boy's family also declined to comment.

McPherson has been released from jail on $20,000 bail.

McPherson remains employed with the St. Lucie school district, school officials reported; however, she currently is in a role away from students. Her status with the school is pending, according to a legal process. reported this story.