Melting Snow Closes Wet Roads in Dakota Co.

Updated: 03/31/2013 7:59 PM By: Tim Sherno

In just days, some lawns near Hastings have gone from winter-wonderlands to wetlands. Pushed by bright sunlight and weekend temperatures in the 50's, a quick melt in closed some local roads in the area Saturday.

Joyce Broady from Hastings says the normally dry creek that runs through her lawn suddenly began filling with water, "I was in my garage on Thursday and there was not any water out here. Within 10 minutes my son comes running in and he says mom waters on its way." Broady says within minutes, her lawn was flooded, and the rushing water was flowing across the street in front of her house.

Broady says the creek floods each year, but every five or six years the flooding is extreme. According to Broady, this years flooding is unusual, "When the creek floods it usually means the other rivers are getting up high. But it's trouble. For the other places."

In downtown Hastings, the Vermillion River has spilled from its banks near the falls. Locals say minor flooding is typical, but this year seems to be higher than usual.