COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Capcom Arcade Cabinet Pack 3 PSN Review

Created: 04/01/2013 10:34 AM By: Aaron Chalich

Capcom has just released their “Capcom Arcade Cabinet Pack 3 1986” for the PSN and once again I was lucky enough to get a review code for it.

“Capcom Arcade Cabinet Pack 3” includes the following games that were released in 1986, “Legendary Wings, Side Arms and Trojan.” You can buy them as a package or individually which is nice.

The games look and play just like they did in the arcade. I just cannot get enough of these classic games, because they are so much fun to play again.

Legendary Wings

“Legendary Wings” is an overhead shooting game that you can play co-op with another player. The main character you play as has been given magical wings that will allow him to fly. His mission is to stop a supercomputer from destroying the world.

You can pick up power ups that will make your weapons stronger. In each level there are mechanical heads that will suck you into their mouths and the game will change into a side scrolling game where you have to jump, duck and climb ladders while trying to avoid enemies.

One really nice thing is that the second player can jump in at any time and help you. If you do not have a second player with you, you can easily find someone online that is willing to play.

Side Arms

In “Side Arms” you control a soldier who must stop a group of aliens from destroying Earth. It is a side scrolling shooting game and there are times when the entire screen is filled with enemies trying to take down the robot you are controlling.

There are tons of powers up that you can collect that will help you clear each stage. The bosses are really cool, but are very repetitive.  

One thing that I discovered playing “Side Arms” is that you need to shoot everywhere on the screen, because there are tons of hidden things. For example, there are extra lives, there are barrels and strawberries that will give you extra points.


“Trojan” is an interesting game and I have not played it for many years. The game is a side scrolling adventure game where the character you control is a futuristic warrior that is armed with a sword and a shield. Your mission is to stop a game of thugs from taking over the city.

You use your sword to attack and your shield to defend yourself from guys shooting bullets at you. You can also jump and there are spots in the game where the word “jump” is written on the ground. If you jump while you are standing on these particular spots, you will jump higher than normal and you can attack enemies that are in the air or are on top of buildings.

The bosses are unique and the final boss is extremely hard to beat. Once nice thing is that you can see how much life the bosses have so you know if you are close to beating them.

Overall I really enjoyed Capcom’s “Capcom Arcade Cabinet Pack 3.” I thought that it was a great collection of games and I had a lot of fun playing them. I also enjoyed playing online and trying to unlock all of the art that was available for each game. I know that people who purchased the previous packs will really enjoy “Pack 3” as well.

The video trailer is courtesy of Capcom.

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