RAW VIDEO: Schaffhausen Accused of Making Threatening Call to Ex-Wife

Updated: 04/04/2013 4:30 PM KSTP.com By: Jennie Olson

The defense called Officer Elizabeth Posel with the River Falls Police Department to the stand in the trial of the man who admitted to killing his three daughters last July at his ex-wife's River Falls, Wis., home.

Posel made contact with 35-year-old Aaron Schaffhausen after his ex-wife, Jessica Schaffhausen, reported a threatening phone call on March 7, 2012.

In March of 2012, Jessica Schaffhausen said Aaron Schaffhausen wasn't having much contact with the kids and was using other people's phones to call so she wouldn't recognize the phone numbers.

She testified she received a call from Aaron Schaffhausen on March 7 while she was at work.

She said, "He told me he wanted to drive down there and tie me up and make me pick which child he killed and make me watch while he killed them, because he wanted to hurt me as much I'd hurt him. He said, 'I think about these things eight times a day. What am I supposed to do with these thoughts?' And I told him that's why he needed to get into therapy."

Jessica Schaffhausen said she called the police and filed a report regarding the phone call.

Watch raw video of the police phone call played during the trial.