Richard Pitino's Gophers Deal: 6-years, $7.2 Million

Updated: 04/05/2013 8:55 PM By: Chris Long

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New basketball coach Richard Pitino's contract with the University of Minnesota will pay him at least $1.2-million per year for the next six years.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS obtained a copy of the contract, which officially begins on April 8th.

The contract calls for a $500,000 base salary and $700,000 in supplemental payments annually.  The base salary will rise at least 5% each year after an annual review.

There are $400,000 bonuses built in at the three-year mark and at the completion of the six-year term.

Should Pitino leave Minnesota in the first three years of the deal, the buyout is $1.5-million.  That buyout falls to $500,000 in the final three years.

The University can terminate the contract without cause by paying one-half the base salary and the full amount of the supplemental payments remaining in the contract.  In the event the University exercises the buyout, payments cease if Pitino lands a comparable job elsewhere.

A notable inclusion in Pitino's contract that did not appear in Tubby Smith's deal is a $50,000 annual allocation for private jet use for recruiting.

In addition, several bonuses are built into Pitino's deal:

There are also bonuses tied to the academic performance of Pitino's student-athletes tied to the team's score in the Academic Progress Report and cumulative grade point average.


Read Pitino's Employment Agreement here:

Richard Pitino Employment Agreement