Volunteers Cover Miles in Search for Kira Trevino

Updated: 04/08/2013 5:48 AM KSTP.com By: Katherine Johnson

Volunteers continued searching in St. Paul and Round Lake, Minn. Sunday in hopes of finding Kira Trevino, a St. Paul woman who has been missing for more than a month. 

Sunday marked day 44 in the search for Trevino.

"In the end she's still out there so we need to just keep going until we find her," said her friend Katie Lillie.

Trevino's father, Jay, put on a strong face to join friends like Lillie in Saturday's search.

"She was always so selfless and I know that she'd be out here doing the same thing for me," said Lillie.

Trevino, 30, has been missing since Feb. 24, and her husband, 39-year-old Jeffery Trevino, is charged in his wife’s death. Although Kira Trevino’s body has not been found, she’s presumed dead.

Family, friends and volunteers planned to cover roughly four miles of shoreline starting at Gervais Mill Park and following the water all the way down to Lake Phalen throughout the weekend.  

"We are trying to search an area of five lakes all chained together," said Lillie.

Armed with everything from ski poles to snow shovels, searchers comb the swamp and forests as the ice thaws both hopeful and, at the same time, scared of what the spring thaw might uncover.

"In the back of your mind you know what you're looking for and the chances that you might actually find what you're looking for and how that might be but in the end it needs to be done," said Lillie.

It's a large area to cover in one weekend but Trevino's family and friends vow to continue to search as much ground and as long as it takes until they find her.

Sunday the search party gathered at 10 a.m. at Round Lake, and again at Lake Phalen in St. Paul at noon.