Cold Hinders Golf Course Businesses in Minn.

Updated: 04/06/2013 8:29 PM By: Maricella Miranda


A late spring certainly has some area businesses scrambling - especially golf courses.

Inclement weather is costing golf courses money they may not be able to make up, officials say. And cold rain Saturday kept the remaining snow on courses across the metro.

But regardless of the weather, golf courses are opening next week in the Twin Cities.

In fact, Oak Marsh Golf Club in Oakdale has already reserved 277 tee times for golfers when it finally opens Sunday.

Normally, the course opens on St. Patrick's day rather than early April.

The wet conditions are also impacting gardeners.

Many gardens were in by this time last year. But lawn and garden experts say it's still too wet to plant a garden in the ground which may be harboring disease. However, they say raised gardens, potted plants, or those looking to plant indoors can do so regardless of weather conditions.