Community Continues to be Touched by River Falls Tragedy

Updated: 04/09/2013 6:32 AM By: Jessica Miles

The community support for the three Wisconsin girls killed in their River Falls home, is strong.

Several people have gathered at the courthouse in Hudson, Wisconsin each day as a sign of love and compassion.

Sisters Mary Nelson and Bette Stephens of New Richmond, Wisconsin, say they will be in court until this trial is over. They've been touched by the tragedy and are there to show their compassion.

Bikers Against Child Abuse, or B.A.C.A, has had members there every day for the past two weeks.

The international group's mission is to help abused children, for free, by empowering them and making them feel safe through physical and emotional support.

They often work aside law enforcement and child protection agencies.

For more information on Bikers Against Child Abuse, click here.