Robotic Arm used for Surgery Under Microscope by FDA

Updated: 04/09/2013 9:21 AM By: Cassie Hart

The biggest thing in operating rooms these days is a million-dollar, multi-armed robot named da Vinci, and its right here in Minnesota.

It’s was used in nearly 400,000 surgeries nationwide last year — triple the number just four years earlier.

But now the high-tech helper is under scrutiny over reports of problems, including several deaths that may be linked with it and the high cost of using the robotic system.
  The Food and Drug Administration is trying to figure out if there's a real connection with the robot.

The da Vinci is used for operations that include removing prostates, gallbladders and wombs, repairing heart valves, shrinking stomachs and transplanting organs. Its use has increased worldwide, but the system is most popular in the United States.

The Associated Press Contributed to this report.