Statements: Sanford and Fairview Merger on Hold

Updated: 04/10/2013 6:56 PM By: Leslie Dyste

Sanford Health has put merger talks on hold with the Twin Cities based Fairview Health Services.

Statement by Fairview Health Services

Fairview released a statement saying they understand why Sanford is stepping back, but the news comes as a disappointment.

“We understand why they would choose to step back at this time, but the news comes as a disappointment,” says Chuck Mooty, Fairview interim CEO and Fairview Board Chair. “Our initial findings about a Fairview/Sanford partnership were positive and the Fairview Board was committed to fully understanding its potential benefit to our patients and communities. However, we respect Sanford’s decision and our Board’s current assessment of a Sanford partnership will stop.”

In addition, Fairview says they and the University of Minnesota will engage in a collaborative process to discuss strengthening the existing partnership between Fairview and the University. “Clearly, we need to ensure strategic alignment between us before we can advance new ideas for the future,” says Mooty. “However, we feel it is not the time to discuss any proposal that involves the University acquiring Fairview.  As a result, our work to evaluate that proposal will stop.”

Statement by Minnesota Rep. Joe Atkins

State Rep. Joe Atkins (DFL-Inver Grove Heights) is the chief author of a bill that would permanently prevent control or ownership of the University of Minnesota Hospitals by any entity not based in Minnesota. Atkins also authored a second bill that would prevent such a move through Dec. 31, 2014.

Atkins released the following statement:

“While I’m pleased that Sanford is withdrawing from the merger discussions, this was never about Sanford and the problem still remains," Atkins stated. "Another non-Minnesota-based entity could still try to acquire Fairview and we would once again be in the same potential situation where the University of Minnesota Medical Center would be not under Minnesota control. The bottom line is that the University of Minnesota Hospitals ought to always be controlled by folks based right here in Minnesota.

“I still intend to hold hearings on my legislation in the House Commerce Committee and still request that the Fairview CEO attend,” Atkins stated.


Letter from Sanford Health CEO