Washburn High School Principal Reassigned to New Job

Updated: 04/12/2013 6:57 AM KSTP.com By: Cassie Hart

The principal of Washburn High School, Carol Markham-Cousins, has been asked to step down.

In a statement Markham-Cousins said she was offered three choices Thursday morning by Minneapolis Public Schools.

The choices included resigning, taking a leave of absence or accepting a new position within the district.

She's choosing to be reassigned to a different position.

Meanwhile Washburn High School is investigating its athletic director, Dan Pratt.

Pratt's sister told KSTP that investigation is about whether proper procedures were followed when Pratt helped with the purchase of the new school scoreboard.

It's not clear if the actions against Markham-Cousins are connected to that same investigation.