COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Capcom Arcade Cabinet 1985 Pack 2 PSN Review

Updated: 04/12/2013 7:15 AM By: Aaron Chalich

Each week Capcom releases a new set of games for their “Capcom Arcade Cabinet” and this past week the “1985 Pack 2” was released. The games that are included in this set are “Commando,” “Speed Rumbler,” and “Exed Exes(Savage Bees).” The games can be purchased as a bundle or individually which is nice.

The only game that I had played previously in this set of games was “Commando” and I it was a tough game in the arcade and it still is a very challenging game. I had played the demos earlier in the week of all three games and I was very excited to get my review code from Capcom.


“Commando” is a vertical scrolling game where the screen moves up as you play. You control a soldier named “Super Joe” and you begin the game by being dropped off in a jungle by a helicopter. Your mission is to take out all of the soldiers that are guarding a bunch of military bases.

You are armed with a machine gun that has unlimited ammo and some hand grenades. Along the way you can rescue prisoners for points and also find more hand grenades that can be used to blow up military vehicles and to take out soldiers in foxholes.

This is a very difficult game because there can be tons of enemies on the screen at once and there are bullets everywhere.  You must be a very skilled gamer to get through this game.

Speed Rumbler

“Speed Rumbler” is a very interesting game.  You control a character named “Super Joe” who is a different character than the one in “Commando.” Your friends and family have been kidnapped and you must rescue them from the people that took them. You drive an armored vehicle that can shoot and you must attack other vehicles before they destroy yours. Along the way you can rescue people and they will fix your vehicle or give you more health. One neat thing is that if your vehicle takes too much damage, you can jump out of it and try to get through the level on foot which is very difficult.

Exed Exes(Savage Bees)

“Exed Exes(Savage Bees)” is another interesting game. You control a spaceship through levels that resemble a large bee hive. As you are flying though the levels you must shoot insects and you can also get power ups for your spaceship that will help you in your quest.  One really nice feature is that when you lose a life you will start right where you died and you don’t have to start the level over. This is also true when you lose all three of your lives.  You can continue right where you left off.

I really enjoyed Capcom’s Arcade Cabinet “1985 Pack 2” a lot. Once again it was great to play these classic arcade games. They looked amazing and they are a lot of fun to play. I know that fans of these classic Capcom games will really enjoy them as much as I did.

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