COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Roseanne: The Complete Eighth Season Review

Created: 04/12/2013 7:13 AM By: Aaron Chalich


One of my guilty pleasures is the television show “Roseanne.” I have seen every episode numerous times and I remember watching it every Wednesday night when it was on ABC.

“Roseanne” premiered in 1988 on ABC and lasted nine seasons. “Roseanne” is a comedy about the Conner family who is a middle class family living in Illinois and their everyday struggles through life. The star of the show is the wisecracking Roseanne along with her loveable husband Dan who is played by John Goodman. They have three children, Becky (Lecy Goranson), Darlene (Melissa Gilbert) and DJ (Michael Fishman). Roseanne’s sister Jackie played by Laurie Metcalf stops by in every hilarious episode.

I was really excited when I received my review copy of Mill Creek Entertainment’s “Roseanne: The Complete Eighth Season.” This set has all twenty-five episodes on three DVD’s.

I could not wait to see these episodes again so I ended up watching all twenty-five episodes in two days. It brought back a lot of hilarious memories. The topics that are talked about in each show are great. In season eight some of the topics are internet addiction, ballroom dance lessons, marriage, babies, and sneaking into Bar Mitzvahs.

The one thing that I love about “Roseanne” is that you never know what is going to happen or what someone is going to say. Every episode is so cleverly written and full of nonstop humor. The writers take very serious situations and put a hilarious twist on them and that’s what I really like. A lot of the topics are things that everyone can relate too and that’s what I think is so special about “Roseanne.”

Some of the major events that happen in season eight are that the Conner’s welcome their new son Jerry Garcia Conner, Dan has a heart attack and Darlene and David get married.

Another thing that I really enjoy about Roseanne is that you never know who is going to be a guest star on the show. Some of the guest stars in season eight are: Fred Willard, Ed McMahon, John Popper with Blues Traveler, Jenna Elfman, and Tony Curtis to name a few.

There are also a few bonus features that are pretty entertaining. There are a couple of episodes that feature commentaries with Roseanne and Michael Fishman. Plus there is an additional interview with Roseanne and she talks about the show. I thought that this was very interesting and I think a lot of people will find it interesting as well.

I really enjoyed Mill Creek Entertainment’s “Roseanne: The Complete Eighth Season” a lot. After all of these years the show still looks great and is as funny as ever. I really need to go out and buy the other seasons of “Roseanne” from Mill Creek Entertainment, because I know they are just as amazing as this DVD set.

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