Lacrosse Athletes Still Practice After Canceled Game in St. Paul

Updated: 04/14/2013 11:41 AM By: Katherine Johnson

It's a sight we haven't seen for months: people in shorts. Green turf outside. But we've never seen it surrounded in snow.

"We have not been on a field," said Elk River Lacrosse Coach Thoman Haugen.  "We've been in gyms and playing lacrosse in a gym is just not fitting."

The April snow is cutting into student athletes' seasons throughout the state, so the South Minneapolis Warriors traded their lacrosse sticks for shovels this weekend to start digging out the field.

The high school players spent four hours shoveling Friday. Unfortunately, it still wasn't enough.

"The fact that were still shoveling snow is really holding us back," said Haugen.

The fourth annual Homegrown Lacrosse Minnesota Melt Down in St. Paul was canceled on Saturday. But since Elk River didn't get the message, they decided to keep shoveling out.

"We've been practicing in the gyms back at home so it's nice to get out on the fields again even though there's a little bit of snow," said Junior, Zach Griffin. "We didn't keep score. it was just for fun."

"Our job as coaches, the season comes and goes and we've got to teach the boys things that are bigger," said Homegrown Founder, Aron Lipkin.  "Things change and you've got to roll with the punches and make the most of it so it offers a great opportunity for that."