Mpls Settles Lawsuit in Police Shooting of Two Pit Bulls

Updated: 09/18/2013 3:34 PM By: Jay Kolls

Minneapolis agrees to settle lawsuit involving the police shooting of two dogs for $225,000. A federal judge signed off the settlement last Friday.

Two years ago, MPD "SWAT" members executed a search warrant on a North side home. They were looking for a weapon owned by the homeowners' brother. Police believed the weapon was in the home and was used in a crime that was not connected to the homeowners.

In the process, police shot and killed two pit bulls after police say they charged and threatened the safety of officers entering the home of James and Aisah Keten.

In a lawsuit, The Keten's say their 3-year-year-old daughter was sitting just feet away at the kitchen table when police fired multiple shots and killed the family's pet pit bull underneath the table.  The suit claims the Keten's second pit bull was shot and killed and their home was ransacked, including the bedrooms of their children.

Minneapolis Police and City officials did not admit any wrongdoing when settling the Keten's lawsuit. It is believed to be one of the largest settlements in Minneapolis in connection with a police killing of a homeowners' dog.

City officials declined comment, but in a written statement, a City spokesperson says, in part, the officers "were charged by two aggressive pit bulls and were forced to make difficult decisions." 

James and Aisha Keten do not have a criminal record in Minnesota and the weapon was not found in their home and no arrests were made.