Schaffhausen Trial: After the Verdict

Created: 04/17/2013 12:57 AM By: Scott Theisen

In this web extra video, reporter Steve Tellier discusses the key moments of Aaron Schaffhausen's trial, which ended Tuesday with the jury rejecting his insanity defense in the killings of his three daughters.

Reaction to the verdict

Prosecutor Gary Freyberg says the jury found "the truth of the case" when it rejected the insanity plea from Schaffhausen.
Schaffhausen, 35, had argued that he had a mental illness that kept him from understanding that it was wrong to kill his girls last July in their River Falls home.
But Freyberg says Schaffhausen told multiple people what he was going to do and then did it.

Schaffhausen's attorney has said he will appeal Tuesday's verdict.

Aaron Schaffhausen's family

After leaving the courtroom Tuesday, Schaffhausen's mother said "We're so sad the jury was unable to find in their hearts the compassion that Aaron needed to heal, that would allow all of the families to heal." Watch raw video of her comments.

Jessica Schaffhausen's family

An uncle of Schaffhausen's ex-wife Jessica, said the family views the verdict as just one step in a long process of trying to grieve and recover from the tragedy. Watch video of his comments.

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