COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: A Monster In Paris Blu-ray Review

Created: 04/17/2013 9:29 AM By: Aaron Chalich


I really enjoy watching animated films and I also really enjoy watching them with my kids.

I just finished watching a really great animated film with my daughters called “A Monster In Paris.” I had never heard of it before until I received a review copy from Shout Factory on Blu-ray.

“A Monster In Paris” is rated “PG” and was directed and written by Bibo Bergeron (“Shark Tale”). The film was originally released in France, but is now available here in the United States. The film has been redubbed in English by some very well know actors such as, Sean Lennon, Catherine O’Hara, Adam Goldberg, Bob Balban,  and Jay Harrington.

I thought that the animation looked great and thought the music in the film was magnificent.  One of characters named Lucille is a singer and is voiced by a very popular French vocalist named Vanessa Paradis. Her voice is amazing and breathtaking.

“A Monster In Paris” takes place in France in the year 1910. The main characters are a shy projectionist named Emile and a crazy inventor named Raoul. Raoul also does deliveries and one night he takes Emile with him to a scientist’s laboratory for a delivery.

While they are there, they accidentally create a monster using some of the scientist’s magic potions he has laying around. The monster is a giant flea that can sing and is named Franc. 

People start seeing Franc and are afraid of him and the police commissioner wants to capture him. A nightclub singer named Lucille befriends Franc and helps him become an overnight music sensation after she hears his voice. Now Lucille, Emile and Raoul must try and protect Franc from being captured.

I really thought the story was well written and unique. It was a new idea and everything flowed very nicely together. I thought that the combination of action, humor and music worked very well.

The animation was also very well done. The characters looked great and the scenery was fabulous.

“A Monster In Paris” is available on DVD and on an exclusive Two-Disc Blu-ray 3D Combo back. The combo pack features the movie on, DVD, Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray 3D, and also a digital copy so you can take it with you.

I really enjoyed Shout Factory’s “A Monster In Paris” a lot. It was very entertaining and the story was very well written. The music and animation was amazing. This is a great movie for families. I know that kids are going to love it. My daughters have wanted to watch it every night since I’ve received my review copy. If you are looking for something fun and new to watch, I would highly recommend this film.

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