Doctor Discusses Texas Blast Injuries, Recovery Time

Updated: 04/18/2013 5:50 PM By: Jessica Miles

The Texas explosion was so strong it registered as a two-point-one magnitude earthquake.

With all that force, and all that fire, you can bet the wounds left behind are severe.

ABC News Medical Expert Dr. Richard Besser says the injuries people are being treated for are similar to those received in a war zone.

He says a blast that significant can damage any part of the body filled with air, the lungs, the ear drums, the intestines which may rupture and bleed.

And to complicate things even more, help may have been difficult to get.

"One of the things you find with a blast injury is the victims can't hear the health care worker to answer questions or explain what injuries they have, " says Dr. Richard Besser.

But he says it's the injuries we can't see, the emotional and mental problems, that will take the longest time to heal.