Gopher Player Copes With Explosion in Hometown

Updated: 04/19/2013 7:25 AM By: Todd Wilson

Number 85 for the Gophers football team is Lincoln Plsek. During Thursday's practice he says it's been hard blocking out the tragedy that just happened in his hometown.

"For this practice I decided I'm going to dedicate this practice to everyone that got hurt and everyone who died," Plsek said.

Plsek is from the city of West, just outside of Waco, Texas. The destruction is contained to a four block area he knows well. 75 homes, an apartment complex, the junior high school and a nursing home were either destroyed or damaged.
"I first found out when my buddy text me, he asked me are your parents and brothers ok? I thought he was just catching up or something," Plsek said.

His friend told him about the explosion. He quickly got off the phone and called his mom. But Plsek says he couldn't get a hold of anybody.

"I was just frantically trying to text everybody I knew, all my friends, making sure they're ok, their families."

He says, an hour felt like an eternity but finally his mom called him.

"She ended up calling me so I got to talk to her and she said all of them are ok. My brothers were all in the house," Plsek said.

Plsek says, he didn't get sleep last night. He watched every bit of coverage about the explosion. Come practice on Thursday, Coach Jerry Kill made it clear that his player wasn't alone.

"We've had to lean on each other here a lot, so I think that's a great thing playing football teaches you," Kill said.

Plsek says, since he is so far away all he can do is pray for everyone and hope for the best.