COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Capcom Arcade Cabinet 1984 Pack PSN Review

Updated: 04/22/2013 10:37 AM By: Hannah Anderson

I just received a review code for the 1984 Pack which is the last installment of “Capcom’s Arcade Cabinet.” I hate to see great things come to an end and hopefully down the road there will be more games added to the arcade cabinet.  

The games that are featured in this pack are: “Son Son,” “1942,” and “Pirate Ship Higemaru.” If you bought all of the previous packs then you also get two bonus games which are “Vulgus” and “1943 Kai.”

All of these games are great and a lot of fun to play. They are very simple to learn and players will have hours of fun with them.


In “1942” you control a plane called the “Super Ace.”  It is a vertical scrolling game where you have to shoot down enemy planes. Your goal is to reach Tokyo and destroy their air force. You can get power ups that will give you an advantage. One of the power ups is really cool. Two small planes will come to each of your sides and will fire when you do. This was very helpful when the screen was completely full of enemy planes. You can also do a special loop maneuver that will help you avoid attacks, but you can only use this limited number of times.

Son Son

“Son Son” is a very interesting game. This is a side scrolling game where you must try and get to a statue of Buddha while avoiding enemies such as bats and rats. You can shoot fire out of your staff, but if you get hit you will lose a life. There are also power ups that you can collect that are fruit. If you get enough of these, all of the enemies will turn into fruit and if you grab the fruit you will get points. You can play two players at the same time so it was fun to go online and find other people to play the game with.

Pirate Ship Higemaru

“Pirate Ship Higemaru” is a puzzle game where you have to hit pirates by rolling barrels at them. You cannot touch a pirate or you will lose a life. The screen doesn’t move and there are glowing barrels that have fish or other items that will give you points. Sometimes the enemies will hide in barrels and move around. You have to hit them once with a barrel and then they will be stunned then you can hit them with another barrel. There are also other items hidden in barrels that will stun all of the pirates on the screen so you can easily hit them with barrels. You can also hit more than one pirate in a row with a barrel to get more points.


“Vulgus” is a vertical scrolling shooter where you control a spaceship. You must destroy other spaceships and enemies while avoiding a ton of bullets. I believe this was Capcom’s first video game so it was really fun to have the opportunity to play it. You have two weapons, guns that fire infinite bullets and bombs. You have a limited number of bombs, but you can find more along the way. I thought that this was a very challenging game, because at times the screen is covered with enemies and there really is not where to go to avoid all of the bullets.

1943: Kai

“1943: Kai” is pretty much the same game as “1943.” There are a few minor differences that “1943” such as there are more planes on the screen at one time and the levels are a little bit more difficult. The graphics look better and your power ups shoot more bullets and cove a wider area than before. Another thing that I noticed was that in order to complete some of the levels you have to destroy a certain percentage of the enemies in a level to advance or you have to play the level again. I really thought it was a fun and great game.

I really think that all of the games that are featured in the “Capcom Arcade Cabinet” are great and a lot of fun to play. I had a great time playing all of them again and I know that people will feel the same way. All of the games are challenging and look amazing. It has been over twenty years since these games were released in the arcade and they are still as much fun to play now as they were back in the 80’s. 

I know I said this earlier, but I hope to see more of Capcom’s classic games released.

Video is courtesy of Capcom.

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