ROCORI School District Unveils Plans for Bulletproof Whiteboards

Updated: 04/23/2013 12:50 PM By: Nick Winkler

The ROCORI school district is unveiling plans to outfit classrooms with whiteboards that double as bulletproof shields.

The whiteboards, which teachers can use in class, weigh about four pounds and come with handles on the back that allow students to use them as shields of last resort.

The technology was originally designed for the military but adapted after the deadly Newtown, Conn., school shooting.

ROCORI High School is where two students, Seth Bartell and Aaron Rollins, were shot and killed in a school shooting on Sept. 24, 2003. Rollins' father, Tom, is donating money to cover the cost of several boards. Ultimately, he says the goal is to have a board in each classroom.

No one with the district would confirm how many boards are being acquired or how much money is being spent.

The boards are made by Maryland-based Hardwire. The company's Chief Executive will be on hand for the announcement.